RayzerGM is leaving

EFT: Arena finish 2nd in EFT: Arena Cup Series

EFT: Arena

Abel finished his DreamHack Summer 2024 run

EA Sports FC wins Aimday All Set in EFT: Arena

EFT: Arena

VP.Angels female CS2 roster has been disbanded will play in the Professional League Escape from Tarkov: Arena Aimday All Set

EFT: Arena launches EA Sports FC division

EA Sports FC

Roster change in the EFT: Arena team

EFT: Arena

akiyanora joins VP.Angels

New jersey

Warface takes 2nd place in the first-ever EFT: Arena tournament

EFT: Arena launches a roster for Escape from Tarkov: Arena

EFT: Arena

Samurais, mechas, and bear cubs: and Winline are presenting a clothing collection to celebrate the club's 20th anniversary


Kappa and unveil a collaborative collection for players to play in


amore becomes the fifth player of VP.Angels

VP.Angels say goodbye to uulis

VP.Angels: female CS:GO roster of Virtus.prо