News will play in Rotation: Summer Edition


Abel finished his DreamHack Summer 2024 run

EA Sports FC secured a slot at EWC for PUBG

PUBG are in top-3 at PUBG Global Series 4 2024

PUBG will play in PUBG Global Series 4 2024

PUBG are leaving PUBG Global Series 2024

PUBG returns to PUBG!


VP.Angels female CS2 roster has been disbanded launches EA Sports FC division

EA Sports FC

akiyanora joins VP.Angels

New jersey


Samurais, mechas, and bear cubs: and Winline are presenting a clothing collection to celebrate the club's 20th anniversary


Kappa and unveil a collaborative collection for players to play in

R6 Siege

amore becomes the fifth player of VP.Angels

VP.Angels say goodbye to uulis

VP.Angels: female CS:GO roster of Virtus.prо disbands PUBG roster


New jersey 2022: attention to style and details