announces Paladins line-up

Meet the elvenpath, isbittenner, CogCog, Sephicloud and Simsiloo!

As general manager of Roman Dvoryakin informed, VP announces its Paladins roster that will compete in the European division together with Na'Vi, NiP, Fnatic and G2 Esports.

Roman Dvoryakin: "Paladin's publisher – Hi-Rez Studios – offered us a very interesting deal, where they create a league and guarantee support for every team, while from our side, we have to create line-ups. We will join and play in the European division. I think that this region will be more challenging and dynamic than North American one. This factor will, most likely, contribute to a higher game's popularity in Europe and CIS. Hopefully, our guys will be able to compete on the highest level."

Lev "Elvenpath" Strokov, the captain of's Paladins roster: "'s trust is invaluable for us. It is a great honor to represent their banner in the game that we've been playing for more than one and a half years. From the very first day, from the first DreamHack, I knew that Paladins would come to this level. Now the dreams are no longer just dreams. Our line-up is young but very promising, and our results will get better and better. We will pour all our efforts into making "Bears" not regret this partnership. I always told myself: "If you ain't first, you're last." Now this phrase is more relevant than ever."

What to know about's Paladins team:

Lev «elvenpath» Strokov. Russia, 25 years old. Damage Dealer, plays Paladins for a year and a half – from the game's release. Professionally played CrossFire and Combat Arms before. Represented team District 69. Favorite champions: Evie, Makoa and Androxus.

Espen «Sephicloud» Krispien. Germany, 17 years old. Represents the German scene, plays Frontline. Together with CogCog played in Flash Point. Favorite champions: Makoa, Fernando and Ash.

Lukas "CogCog" Mirbt. Sweden, 19 years old. Experienced Support. Has been playing Paladins for more than a year. Before, he represented team Flash Point. Favorite champs: Jenos, Grover, and Ying.

Leander «isbittenner» Aspestrand. Norway, 16 years old. Role – Damage Dealer. Has been playing Paladins for only seven months, but is already displaying rather serious results. Played for Tnaidar Esports and Flash Point. Favorite picks: Sha Lin, Bomb King, Cassie.

Simon «Simsiloo» Andersson. Sweden, 18 years old. Role – Universal. Has been playing Paladins from its release. Used to represent Death&Taxes and Flash Point. Favorite champions: Pip, Bomb King and Grover.

" will join the European division". Roman Dvoryankin – about Paladins will have a Paladins roster. What's that?