Take a look at snatchie AWP skills!

snatchie obliterates Team EnVyUs in 10 seconds

In ESL Pro League, Michal “snatchie” Rudzki showed everyone how to hold B Stairs with an AWP. The entire EnVyUs roster was sent respawning in mere 10 seconds!

snatchie dispatches Team Kinguin in a 2 v 4 situation

While the opponents were busy trying to secure Mirage's A site, snatchie has performed the most unreal of clutches in a 2 v 4 situation. Michal tied the player count at first, and then cemented his ace by fragging Wiktor “TaZ' Wojtas.

snatchies finishes up his ace with a 1 v 3 clutch

In a match against Valience on Cobblestone, snatchie was left in a 1 v 3 situation. This, however, did not stop him from getting his ace and carrying yet another round for his team. His AK-47's speed and accuracy are simply breathtaking!

Michal puts an end to Nexus' attack in under 5 seconds

Rapid push onto Train's B plant from the side of Nexus was halted in mere seconds – all thanks to snatchie's AWP mastery. In as little as 5 seconds, 4 his opponents have perished, and 2 of them – from a piercing collateral shot.

Snatchie clutches 1 v 3 in a pistol round

Michal is a truly versatile player – he is efficient not only with the rifles, but with pistols, as well. Being the last one left alive against 3 sharp Norwegian players, snatchie carried the first round of the map for his team. Take a look – it's worth it!

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