Kiritych~ and fng are new Dota 2 players

Two new players join our Dota 2 roster today. The first one is Artem "fng" Barshak, who will step in as position 5 support as well as new team captain. fng is well known to fans both as a player and as a coach. Once a bear, always a bear! Young talent Ilya "Kiritych~" Ulyanov, who has firmly established himself as one of the highest ranking players in the regional MMR leaderboard, takes over the carry position following the transfer from Nemiga Gaming.   

Alexander "StrangeR" Solomonov, Head of Dota 2 department in   

“We did a great job of building a new team in the first DPC tour, and you all have seen the progress in our game compared to the earlier matches. Nevertheless, we weren’t happy with the place we finished in.   

We are aiming for a better result in the second tour and, of course, we could have continued to work and develop in the current roster if we did not see the possibility of improving our squad with new players who are great for the team.   

The changes started with our new captain fng and his desire to get back on the pro scene. Artem possesses unique knowledge that the team needs so much and, most importantly, the ability to correctly convey it to the players. Dukalis is a good player and a nice teammate and I sincerely wish him best of luck, but with the arrival of fng a lot of key things are going to be improved for us.   

The presence of an experienced captain opened up the opportunity to consider another young player for the team. For Kiritych~ moving to VP is an important challenge, and I'm sure it's also the right time for him to make key career changes to reach a whole new level of play. I wish Krylat understanding and perseverance in this situation. That's how things happened, that's the choice we made.   

Once again I want to emphasize that these changes were made primarily to improve the results. We count on your support, cheer for!”   

Updated Dota 2 roster:   

Ilya "Kiritych~" Ulyanov (carry);  

Ilya "squad1x" Kuvaldin (mid);  

Evgeniy "Noticed" Ignatenko (offlane);  

Oleg "sayuw" Kalenbet (pos 4 support);  

Artem "fng" Barshak (pos 5 support, captain);   


Timur "Ahilles" Kulmukhambetov (coach).