Fan Center

Bearloga is a single hub for VP fans to chat with each other, discuss matches and events, and get the latest news. 

In the app you will get: 

- Current club news. All the latest information about in one application; 

- Schedule and history of matches. You will not miss a single game of VP's rosters, the application will notify you about all upcoming matches; 

- Voting influencing the decisions of the club. Want more CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege content? Or do you want to take part in the selection of a new form? You have the opportunity to express your opinion!

 - Unique content. Bearloga will provide users with exclusive content and activities such as community tournaments with prizes, audio and video podcasts, etc .;

 - Ability to communicate directly with players and club management. You can advise players on the best tactics, praise for victories, and write words of encouragement after defeats. 

And a lot more!

Available for iOS and Android!