VP.Prodigy quits Wild Rift

Riot Games, League of Legends: Wild Rift publisher, notified us that all the business  between Virtus.pro and them is terminated: the players are no longer allowed to play even under a neutral tag while they have active contracts with our club.  

Riot Games associates this decision with sanctions imposed by USA and EU. Despite the fact that we have provided legal proof of not being subject to sanctions, we were presented with a fait accompli: VP players won’t be able to be a part of LoL: Wild Rift’s competitive scene, have a chance to progress and win.  

Considering the situation, we decided to terminate the contracts with the players in order to not ruin their careers due to Riot Games’ policies. We wish the guys all the best and can only hope that from now on the only thing they have to go through on their way to success will be healthy and fair sports competition.   

We also wish the best of luck to Riot Games in expanding their presence in CIS, on which they’ve been working so hard in the last several years!