VP.Prodigy announces new CS:GO roster

VP.Prodigy, the academic team of Virtus.pro, is ready to announce a new CS:GO roster. It includes:   

Maxim "Sowalio" Beketov - 4898 Elo (VK, Twitch, HLTV, Faceit); 

Vladislav "KusMe" Dmitriev - 5600 Elo (Twitch, Faceit); 

Yaroslav "Something" Shevchishin - 5431 Elo (VK, Twitch, HLTV, Faceit); 

Vladimir "shady" Karelin - 4395 Elo (VK, Twitch, HLTV, Faceit); 

Denis "xdENiSZERA" Sklenin - 4687 Elo (VK, Twitch, HLTV, Faceit).   

Some of the players have already played in tournaments, others do not have significant competitive experience, but all of them are united by great potential and the desire for continuous development. As part of our academic team, players will work and improve their skills under the guidance of coach Dmitry "44" Dzutsev, who has a positive experience in working with young talents.   

Dmitry "44" Dzutsev, VP.Prodigy CS:GO coach and head:   

“I am sure that the players who became part of VP.Prodigy today will soon be able to show their high level of individual skill in official games. Each of them has a good potential to become a part of the big esports scene and play for tier 1 teams.”   

The next tournament where our new roster will play will be CIS VS EU, the first games of which are scheduled for July 7th.