VP's and NiP's important fight for ECS points

Last game when Virtus.pro fight against NiP had place during BLAST Pro in Istambul. Polish crew in close match finally lost to Ninjas gaining insufficient 14 rounds. Despite of losing, that game showed us that we are capable to fight on equal level.

Todays game was very important for both sides, who fought in save stay on ECS ligue. As VP as NiP had 15 points in brackets, but Swedish guys played out two more games.

Constant fragging f0rest with helpful team started competition on Cache showing great strats. 10 rounds in attacking side gave comfort for NiP. Changing sides didn't change tendention. Pistols were dropped on swedish side. Wind blowed in other direction almost at possible end of the game. At 15th round VP got boosted an start gaining round by round. When score reached 15:12 VP's fan for sure felt a blink of hope. Amazing comeback was ended by 16th round for NiP account. 

Next map in 2xBO1 system was Nuke. Good start, winning pistol round, and safing 2nd point wasn't enough to show good on TT side. Strong Swedish defence safed them 11 round. Today was sponsored by chasing scenario. Polish crew don't like easy way. When everyone though it will be fast closer, VP started chasing NiP again.

Unfortunately fatum of 12th round didn't let us win this game. Beyond the score, the most important thing is that we saw double great comeback and we got feeling that we are one step closer. This is a good sign.