joins ESL R1 league steps into the realm of esports racing simulators. The Bears are joining the closed ESL R1 league for the Rennsport auto sim!

Nikolai Petrossian, CEO of

«At, we welcome innovation and are always looking to diversify our rosters with teams in emerging titles. While auto simulators are a new venture for us, we see great promise and numerous opportunities.

These opportunities arise thanks to our partners at ESL. They are building an exciting and unconventional project. This collaboration promises to be mutually beneficial: their resources and our expertise and dedicated audience are the recipe for a high-quality product!"

Nikita Lutov, Chief Esports Development Officer at

"Rennsport is a new racing simulator that emphasizes realism and attention to detail, immersing pilots in the racing atmosphere and allowing them to feel like they're behind the wheel of a racing car.

A clear tournament system is already taking shape in the game. The top 12 clubs, both multigaming and exclusively simracing, will compete in the closed ESL R1 league, with races starting on May 17th. All teams are represented by four pilots, and we will announce our team members very soon. Stay tuned for our announcements!"

The competitive season in Rennsport will begin on May 17th, and its culmination will be the LAN finals in Riyadh in the summer. The total prize pool for the season will be $500,000.