returns to PUBG!

The Bears are returning to the competitive PUBG scene! The following lineup will be representing in this title:

Jord "ibiza" van Geldere;

Luka "Lukarux" Rukavina;

Nino "NIXZYEE" Mikec;

Andrey "Qwizzy" Pobedinskiy;

Kieron "Scoom" Prescott (coach).

Nikolai Petrossian, CEO of

" is no stranger in PUBG, where our club has long dominated in its region and consistently performed well in big tournaments. Now, we are returning with a promising new roster, featuring players from various European countries. In addition to re-entering this exciting title, it will also be another step towards globalizing and expanding the geography of our audience for the club."

Nikita Lutov, Chief Esports Development Officer at

"This lineup has been performing confidently this season, securing second place in the PUBG EMEA Championship and earning slots in two major LAN tournaments. Like most of our teams in other titles, there are clear objectives here: qualifying and performing well at EWC in August and at PGC at the end of the year."

The upcoming matches of our new lineup will take place within the PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 3 & Phase 4. The first games will begin on May 20th.