and Uniqly announce upcoming NFT collection and Uniqly are announcing a special collection of NFT T-shirts in the form of tokens. The T-shirts will feature a unique design that is inextricably linked to the club. NFT will be available on the Uniqly trading platform. Uniqly has time and time again brought out really good partnerships, and we are sure that the one with Virtus won’t be any different. We are looking at a great step taken in the NFT Gaming world, one of the many heralding the physical NFT Revolution. 

Sergey Glamazda, General manager of 

"Due to the cooperation with Uniqly, we have a great opportunity to combine the worlds of virtual and real products directly in front of us. Users are attracted by the fact that a limited-edition digital product is transformed into a real thing that they can use in their everyday life, like a unique T-shirt." 

NFT owners can freely trade tokens with the ability to materialize them in the real world. This uses printed QR codes — one with a link to a blockchain conductor showing the token corresponding to the item in question, and one with a TXID to burn the token, which allows the owner to sign it with their name or nickname. The result of this procedure is the undeniable proof of the authenticity of the item and its owner.