disbands PUBG roster

It’s been more than 18 months since we joined PUBG. Our roster with its perennial leader Alex “BatulinS” Batulin has shown everyone what it truly means to be The Bears. Our team has been one of the regulars in the top-3 of the biggest competitions and led the rankings of the best rosters in the world.  

However, the situation in the PUBG esports ecosystem has changed dramatically. Tournament opportunities and publisher support for our region are not what they used to be. Keeping the roster even of this scale of successfulness isn’t viable anymore. Problems with logistics are also on the list of obstacles for our international roster to play on a few LANs that are still out there. We had to make a tough, but calculated decision to step away from PUBG and disband the roster until the time is right.  

The players have what it takes to continue their journey to the top. We are thankful to the team for the hard work as The Bears and wish them best of luck in their future endeavors.