are signing a roster for Overwatch 2 announced the signing of the Overwatch 2 roster that was previously competing under the tag Ataraxia.

Nikolai Petrossian, CEO of

"Overwatch 2 is the latest addition to the pool of our esports rosters. This game has a large player base and an impressive competitive history. Currently, the professional scene in this title is undergoing changes, the essence of which we want to assess from within. We are going in without plans for years ahead, but with certain hopes that we can build a stable system, as with our other rosters."

Nikita Lutov, Chief Esports Development Officer at

"Our new roster comprises some of the strongest players from the European region, who performed exceptionally well in the first regular season of FACEIT League EMEA. The squad is getting ready for the playoffs for slots in the EWC for the best teams — they will already be playing under our tag from June 14th.

The main goals for the roster are to qualify for and perform well at EWC and the Major in November. Conclusions about our further steps will be drawn based on the results. Get ready to cheer for the new Bears lineup this weekend!" Overwatch 2 roster:

Rasmus "Raajaro" Rosvall (Tank);

Christian"Khenail" Ríos(Support);

Jesús Núñez "Galaa" López (Support);

Paavo "Sauna" Ulmanen (DPS);

Niclas Smidt "sHockWave" Jensen(DPS);

Viljami "Clowd" Pikkumäki (Rotational player).

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