signing a roster in Honor of Kings announce the signing of a roster in the new mobile title for the club — Honor of Kings.

Nikolai Petrossian, CEO of

"Honor of Kings is one of the fastest-growing mobile MOBA games. The publisher is actively investing in new regions and building a clear relationship system with clubs. A large number of LAN tournaments are planned for HoK, as well as a grand season finale as part of EWC.

We put this roster together from promising players who have proven themselves well on the competitive scene. Soon we will be able to watch them in tournaments." roster for Honor of Kings:

Piotr "Mac" Modzelewski (farm);

Cezar "Vex" Nedelcu (jungle);

Dmitrii "GrizzlyQ" Svistov (roam);

Nikolozi "Prince" Beruashvili (mid);

Larry "3005." Yetta (clash);

Kirill "Hydr0" Sitnikov (coach).

The next tournament for our new roster will be the Honor of Kings Open Series 2024 Split 1 - Eastern Europe, with matches starting on May 14th.

Honor of Kings