signs a Free Fire roster

As part of the mobile branch development strategy, is signing a Free Fire roster. The team consists of Vajniy, Skyrix, Twister, Svitogor, Drake (sub) and their coach Kronos. Our new squad is one of the best in our region and in the world as well.  

Mikhail Artemyev, Esports Development Manager:  

“Our mobile branch is growing rapidly. Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles in the world, its publisher strives to promote the game in our region with large-scale collaborations with popular musicians and so on.  

When such a strong roster became available, we immediately decided to sign them. The guys obviously have great sports results and there are no signs of disciplinary problems, the reasons for them to get kicked out of their previous club were totally different. We are excited to have them play under our banner. You’ll see them in action very soon.”  

Mihail “Kronos” Kamnev, Free Fire coach:  

“Our previous club gave us an ultimatum: either we move to another country and potentially change citizenship, or the contracts get terminated. Our unanimous decision was not to agree on such terms. The most important thing for us was to keep our roster and continue playing in our home region.  

We didn’t hesitate to join after hearing about their plans on developing the mobile branch. We are ready to play and show everyone what we are capable of. Our motivation to play under this new tag is on a high level.”  

The roster is currently playing in Free Fire Game.TV CIS Pro Series Season 2. The team secured the spot in the Final that was scheduled for the 13th of May. Free Fire roster:  

Kheibar “Vajniy” Imanov (YT); 

Amir “Skyrix” Kanatov (YT); 

Aleksei “Twister” Mukhin (YT); 

Ruslan “Svitogor” Mamatsuev (YT);  


Mikhail “Kronos” Kamnev, the coach (YT, VK); 

Akim “Drake” Kobzev (sub).  

Free Fire