defeated by Red Reserve in GG.BET Shuffle final

Four maps were needed to determine the winner.

While the match for IEM Chicago slot was held in a best-of-5 format, Red Reserve had an advantage starting with one map advantage as they entered the tournament's final from the upper bracket.

The teams started the battle on's pick – Mirage. Both teams performed equally across the board, resulting in an overtime (15:15). The Poles then showed a greater defense prowess coming into additional rounds, and were the first to claim 7 points, securing the victory – 22:19.

The fight continued on Cache, which was picked by RR. VP started on offense, but have only managed to claim just 3 rounds before the side swap. The Polish side then started a valiant comeback but were cut off just before the scales started tipping to their favor – 14:16 in favor of the Swedish team.

Red Reserve's second pick – Dust2 – started from's total offensive domination. The Poles have claimed an absolute majority of attack rounds, finishing the first half with 12 rounds in the bag. The Swedes then lost the second round and with it, the remaining 3 – 16:3.

The winner was decided on a no man's map – Train. The Polish Five were starting on offense but failed to claim any more than 2 rounds (2:13). VP lost the pistol round following the side swap, with the force-round not bringing any more success – 2:16.