loses to Astralis and defeats Cloud9 in BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018

The Poles faced a reloaded Cloud9 line-up in the group stage's second round. The teams battled on Mirage, where the Polish squad started on offense.

The first half of the match was a close battle – 7:8. VP managed to launch ahead following the sideswap and did not let go of the 2-3 round lead until the very end of the match – 16:13.

In the first round of BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 group stage our team faced the champions of FACEIT Major 2018 – Astralis.

The Poles crossed out Overpass, Dust_2, and Nuke, while the Dutch opted out of Cache, Mirage, and Train in the ban phase. Inferno was the last map and the destination for the match, where started on offense, where they managed to claim only two rounds.

Astralis rather effortlessly pushed the series to its match point following the sideswap, giving VP no breathing room to regain the economy and mount any comeback attempt. The Polish Five will face Cloud9 in the next round of the tournament.