with a new Paladins roster

Four Russian players are to join Lev “eLvenpath” Strokov.

Alexandr "emptyzeee" Bechterev, Ivan "UnlimitedPower" Medinskiy, Yuriy "madmak" Mazanov, and Egor "Madaarra" Perminov have signed Previously, they played under the banner of FlashPoint Esports.

Regarding the former squad: previously, Leander "isbittenner" Aspestrand was rented by Fnatic. Three other players – Lucas "CogCog" Mirbt, Simon "Simsiloo" Anderson, and Espen "Sephicloud" Krispien – are also leaving We would like to thank the guys for their time and efforts on our team, and wish them good luck!

Updated Paladins line-up:

Lev “eLvenpath” Strokov – team captain, damage dealer;

Alexandr “emptyzeee” Bechterev – frontliner (tank);

Ivan “UnlimitedPower” Medinskiy – flex;

Yuriy “madmak” Mazanov – support;

Egor "Madaarra" Perminov – carry.

eLvenpath: "In Paladins, draft is as important as in Dota 2"