announces the lineup for MDL Chengdu Major

We are excited to announce that our Dota 2 lineup will participate in the season’s first Major qualifiers. The TI6 finalist Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok will join Solo and No[o]ne in the battle for a ticket to the Chinese city of Chengdu as an offlaner. Egor «epileptick1d» Grigorenko, holder of the number one spot in the European ladder, will play as a carry. Anatoly «boo!k» Ivanov will continue his work with the lineup. Previously, he worked with in 2015/2016 season, and was responsible for in-game interactions during The International 2019. We will announce the team’s fifth player shortly. Vladimir «RodjER» Nikogosyan is benched and is to be up for transfers.

Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager: «It was a tough month, but we decided against postponing our season entrance to a later date. I’m happy to welcome Resolut1on to the team. He’s a brilliant player, and we’ll do everything in our power to see his return to CIS go successfully. Egor is among the most promising young players in our region, and we’ve decided to give him a chance to prove himself. We’ll make the final decision about his future in the team judging by the qualifier’s results. We’re grateful to RodjER for these amazing year and a half together, but we’re parting ways for now».