A new player joins Virtus.pro Paladins roster

Viesturs «MaryJaneeeeee» Ashkasovs will now represent our team instead of Alexander «emptyzeee» Bechterev.


Viesturs «MaryJaneeeeee» Ashkasovs: «I'm excited to join Virtus.pro since I've always wanted to play in the PPL. I've happened to face Virtus.pro before, so I'm familiar with the team. I can't say that I rooted particularly for Virtus.pro in the past, but I supported the entire European region, instead.

I'm practicing a lot, so I and the guys are showing a good team play already. Right now we're working on our picks and counter-picks to ensure that everyone is comfortable in playing their roles. I believe we'll show great results in the PPL!»