TOAO: «On paper we are very strong»

TOAO's first interview after joining VP.


How do you feel about being a part of one of the biggest organizations in the world -

It still feels like dreaming, maybe because officaly we haven't played anywhere yet. It is obviously an honor to be a part of such a presigue esport club, that used to be on top of CS scene.

When was the first round of talks?

I think it was around month and a half ago. It's also hard to name it "talks". It was more like speculation, mostyly because it was Snax who was building this squad, and till the last day I wasn't sure if there was a place for me.

Was is snatchie or VP's manager who reched you first?

For sure Michał presented his opinion about me, but it’s hard to say if it influenced team's decision. On the other hand Roman Dvoryanking was asking aroud throughout top worlds formations and opinions occured to be positive. At least this is a version I was told, so mostly it blurred any doubts.

Did you have a feeling that you will once again play with snatchie side by side?

To be honest I hoped so, because I really enjoyed playing with snatchie, but I didn't know when and if it could happen.

Now you've become VP's in game leader in a team where two players used to win biggest esport events and were on top. Do you think that the current five is able to reach as high?

First of all this is a fresh squad, that starts mostly from zero. We are at the bottom of hltv ranking. On paper we are very strong - maybe except me (laughs), everyone is optimistic about that. We are encouraged to get back on top. Time will tell.

What is your main goal for the first scrims?

We want to start with freestyle and see what suits us most. We want to find our chemistry and later on build some tactics, communication and work on mistakes.

Do you have your roles split?

We do not focus on roles, but theoretically we've decided that when needed byali and Snax will be entry fraggers, MICHU as a third. Snatchie will focus on his aim, me or Janusz sometimes will close the action.

Two years ago you were offered to play in INETKOX. Have you ever thought that in future you will play for

It was my first real CS team, and of course I was imaging how cool it would be to play in VP or other top team. It was time, when I was learning a lot about teamplay and mostly it was motivation to become better and better.

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