StrangeR, Ahilles and 4SV join Dota 2 department is reinforcing its Dota 2 vertical: the club welcomes Alexander "StrangeR" Solomonov, Timur "Ahilles" Kulmukhambetov and Ivan "4SV" Karpov to the management team. StrangeR is taking over the position of Head of Dota 2, Ahilles becomes the new roster coach, and 4SV steps in as team manager.  

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“The qualifiers for The International this year gave us a lot to think about, revealing the most pressing issues. To solve them, we recruited people with experience: StrangeR proved his managerial abilities a long time ago, assembling competitive squads in the CIS in conditions of limited resources over and over again; Ahilles has coaching qualities that will help our team look at many aspects from a different angle, and 4SV will allow the players to focus only on their game.” 

Alexander "StrangeR" Solomonov, Head of Dota 2 department in  

“Greetings to all the fans of the Bears!   

Joining such a big club as is a new stage and a serious challenge for me. I have the highest goals set for the next season. To fulfill them, the coaching staff of One Move, represented by the coach and the manager of the squad, joins the club with me. We worked with Timur and Ivan in the last season and, despite all the trials we faced, I think that we did a pretty good job.  

During the off-season, we have a lot of work to do in order to strengthen and stabilize the Dota 2 roster. I assume that the upcoming reshuffle will be very interesting. Stay tuned for further announcements."   

Alexander "StrangeR" Solomonov has 19 years of experience in esports management. He worked as the sports director of the Team Empire club, which under his leadership took part in The International three times, and also signed the most successful Russian Rainbow Six Siege team. He also worked as the Head of Dota 2 at Gambit Esports and led the One Move team.  

Timur "Ahilles" Kulmukhambetov is a former professional player who started his coaching career in 2019. Worked with such teams as Team Empire, Khan, Winstrike, Gambit Esports and One Move.  

Ivan "4SV" Karpov has 7 years of professional experience in esports. As a roster manager, he has worked in more than 15 international tournaments.   

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