PUBG Mobile roster is ready to announce the full PUBG Mobile team roster.  

Following the arrival of Dmytro “OldBoy” Bui, our club welcomes Andriy “TULIKA” Tulika, Andrey “Evostation” Galkin, Luka “Korka” Andreev and Cristian-Roman “Kompot_trash” Corbu as a coach. Alexey “ebjaiko” Pashkov remains the team manager.  

The roster is complete and ready to play under our tag. The first big tournament for The Bears is going to be Altel Cyber Games Season 5 in January 2022.  

Updated PUBG Mobile roster:  

Dmytro “OldBoy” Bui; 

Andriy “TULIKA” Tulika (captain); 

Andrey “Evostation” Galkin; 

Luka “Korka” Andreev; 

Cristian-Roman “Kompot_trash” Corbu (coach); 

Alexey “ebjaiko” Pashkov (team manager). 

PUBG Mobile