Sergey Glamazda leaves

May 5th marks the end of Sergey Glamazda’s stay with as CEO that lasted since January of 2020.   

With Segrey reached top-5 in total prize money won in the world (+$4,4 million), Dota 2 roster claimed 5-6th place at The International 2021, and CS:GO roster made it into top-10 HLTV and top-8 at PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The club launched the VP.Prodigy academy division and signed rosters in several new disciplines, as well as running a successful transfer policy for both in and out deals.  

Sergey Glamazda:   

“I’m grateful to for this amazing journey we shared together over the course of the last two and a half years. I remember every tournament, every win and every loss. The victories made me proud, while defeats, for which I always took responsibility, taught me.

Thank you to brilliant players that bring their talents to the club and make it stronger every day. Thank you to the fans that inspired me with their emotions, comments, and memes. I’m glad I got to know all of you! I keep cheering for “The Bears” as a humble viewer.” is thankful to Sergey for his immense contribution to the club’s development. We wish him all the best in his further endeavors.  

With this decision comes a new chapter for the position of CEO will be abolished as the club is going to be operated by a team of top managers from VP’s parent company ESforce Holding. 

Nikolay Petrosyan, CEO of ESforce Holding:  

“We are thankful to Sergey for everything he’s done for, his fresh ideas and ways to implement them. During a joint discussion we came to the realization that the new challenges that arose this spring call for the need of reorganizing and systematizing the workflow in That led us to the decision to rely on a team of top managers from ESforce that see the big picture and can run the club.  

While general management of the club will be handled by ESforce, each particular gaming discipline will be run by senior managers of with big experience and knowledge of their given games. This way we elevate the level of responsibility and preserve high engagement and attention to details wherever it’s necessary.   

We expect this reorganization to result in new victories by”