Samurais, mechas, and bear cubs: and Winline are presenting a clothing collection to celebrate the club's 20th anniversary esports club, together with Winline, has unveiled a clothing collection (hoodies and t-shirts) featuring the VP mascot as the main character. The new drop, produced by the streetwear brand for gamers, Outplay, was one of the surprises for fans in honor of The Bears' 20th anniversary.

When developing the merch, Outplay and designers took into account the tastes and preferences of the esports audience. Each design tells its own story. The collection reflects both prints with the bear holding a trophy, symbolizing the club's victories, and unusual engravings in samurai theme, reflecting the resilience and unwavering determination of professional players. And the bear cubs with festive balloons serve as a reminder that we are celebrating the club's 20th anniversary!

Ksenia Vartanova, Brand Manager at

"We wanted to create clothing that people would enjoy wearing in their everyday lives. To start, we looked into the tastes of our audience, and then straight into 'Hagakure'. That's how we came up with two katanas and the samurai bear engraving. Esports is about technology, right? So we couldn't do without the mecha-bear! And for those who prefer lighter styles, we have white bear cubs, tinted with the classic colors of and Winline. The collection includes prints for different tastes, but they are all done in the spirit and style of The Bears, which will be appreciated by both club fans and people who are not familiar with esports.

A big thanks to our partners from Winline for making these ideas come to life, and to the creators from Outplay who came up with them!"

Hardcore Bears fans, casual esports enthusiasts, and even people who are not familiar with Dota 2 and CS2 broadcasts - the new collection is aimed at a wide audience. You can view the clothing and place an order at the following link.