Roman Dvoryankin: "We are working on the solutions for better future of our team"

Filip “Neo” Kubski and VP General manager Roman Dvoryankin commented ELEAGUE Major 2018 performance.

Roman Dvoryankin, VP General manager: “In the last couple of years Atlanta has become a place where VP history was being written. We all remember our fantastic victory in ELEAGUE Season 1 that brought us back to the top. ELEAGUE Major 2017 with the comeback against North, semi-final against SK, and final against Astralis that I believe no one will ever forget. We came back in June, playing against Astralis again in Clash for Cash. That didn't go so well, but still, it was a great experience.

Right now we're working together with the players on finding the best options and the best solutions for the better future of our team. I would like to ask our fans to be supportive, to respect the privacy of our players, especially on the social networks. In the next couple of weeks, we'll tell everyone about the steps that we're going to take together with the players to make sure that VP is back to where we belong – in the play-off stages, the finals, lifting up the trophies!

Filip “Neo” Kubski: “There's no need to sugarcoat it – we had a very disappointing performance at the tournament, just another episode of a disappointing season. I don't have any official statements about our plans right now, but it's going to be one of the toughest periods for us. Because of that, we need your help and support. Keep fingers crossed for us. Let's hope it'll all work out”.

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