RAMZES666: "I had more net-worth than all Vici Gaming players combined"

Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev shared his thoughts on the group stage matches of China Dota2 Supermajor. Virtus.pro's carry elaborated on the difficulties of the second game against TNC and Broodmother pick in a match against Vici Gaming.

On the match against TNC

Troll Warlord didn't really bother us in the first game, countering TNC's second core – Queen of Pain – had a higher priority for us. They couldn't do much after an unsuccessful laning phase.

In the second game, they didn't have any CC, so our loss was entirely our fault. We were in the lead from the very beginning to the very last minute. Just so it happens – we simply threw the game. The fight around the third Roshan became the point of no return. They've built hexxes, so we couldn't split well at that point.

Slark couldn't do anything in the third game. We completely countered him with Bloodseeker. He was being pressured by a double lane, so he couldn't farm or even stay on the lane at all. It was a total out-draft.

On the match against Vici Gaming

We had to win the first game in 15 minutes. We had a bit of a blunder at one point, but we recovered and finished the game.

We've already played such composition against OG in Birmingham. It's a snowball-oriented draft – you just take Roshan, win your lanes and end the game around 20 minutes.

Our pick in the second game wasn't the best, but Broodmother picked up the slack. The Chinese love leaving Brood open – they never learn. I simply showed my default Broodmother playstyle – almost all my replays reflect that. Brood is always like that. If the opponents leave her open for us to pick, it's not for no reason. There was a total out-farm in that game: I had more net-worth than all VG players combined!

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