RAMZES and Head&Shoulders launch a campaign to support gamers

As last year’s TI8 was about to go live, we announced the partnership between the carry of our Dota 2 lineup Roman “RAMZES” Kushnarev and Head & Shoulders. As the first The International in China is just around the corner, we’re excited to announce that Ramzes is back at it again - this time with him sporting his distinctive blue hair, dashing haircut, and a company of other gamers.

With this campaign, Head & Shoulders supports gamers in modern society. Friends and relatives may not take them and their hobbies seriously, and some even judge their interests and looks. Despite all that, gamers have built their own world where all eyes are on them - and their looks need to match their confidence. Head & Shoulders helps them overcharge their confidence and supports their choices of stylish and daring hairstyles.