A message from Nikolai Petrossian regarding the RMR results

Hello everyone!  

Unfortunately, Virtus.pro is going to miss the CS:GO Major. I apologize to all the fans who supported the team and whose hopes we did not justify. I would also like to answer some of the questions I saw in chats, comments and media publications.  

1. Why did you decide to replace KaiR0N- with n0rb3r7?  

Because the results of two of the first three matches on RMR turned out to be unacceptable for Virtus.pro. Therefore, the decision to replace him was made by the coaching staff and agreed with the club's management.  

It is fair to say that KaiR0N-'s K/D during the tournament was the best in the team — 1.05. But it is also true that CS:GO is a team game where interaction, communication, consistency and other such factors are more important than personal skill. The current Virtus.pro CS:GO roster has always been strong with team play and polished tactics. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to seamlessly fit KaiR0N- into this complex mechanism, and the pressure of responsibility on RMR aggravated the situation.  

Therefore, we decided to take a chance and urgently call n0rb3r7 for the remaining matches. But, unfortunately, too much was missed in the first two game days.  

2. Did visa problems cause the replacement?  

It should be clear from the previous answer that it didn’t, but I'll elaborate. It was originally planned that KaiR0N- would play RMR and the Major. It is impossible to plan this with unresolved visa issues.  

Obviously, now no one is immune from visa refusal. But, despite the objective difficulties, the organization is making unprecedented efforts to timely issue various visas to players and ensure the integrity of their training process. Players are not even required to dive into these processes, all that is required of them is to be punctual and responsible in those few moments when their personal involvement is necessary. Like arriving on time for the interview on the appointed day.  

3. What will happen to the team and active roster?  

The team will be preparing for subsequent tournaments, the first of which will be IEM Rio 2023. You will find out our exact roster very soon. We will get back in shape and prepare to return to the top.  

4. About the "ban" on players to comment on the replacement during the third game day

Now the team is in a situation where it is necessary to focus on determining the reasons for the unsuccessful performance and finding ways to solve the problems. It will be more correct for the players to be spending less time on media, social networks and comments in the next few days. We have no secrets from our fans, but now the team really needs peace and quiet.

Nikolai Petrossian  

Virtus.pro CEO