A message to Virtus.pro fans

Dear friends!

Today has become one of the worst days in the club's history — our Dota 2 roster lost its chances to qualify for The International long before the decisive matches.The owners and management of the club apologize to Virtus.рro fans who are deeply affected by this defeat. Unfortunately, the setbacks in Dota 2 have become chronic, causing us concern as much as it does to the numerous supporters of the club. We promise you that we will make every effort to rectify the situation and create a competitive roster that honors the history and traditions of Virtus.рro.

Dear friends, we are not looking for excuses, but the events of 2022 could not go without consequences. Through diligent and painstaking work, we are rebuilding what was destroyed during that period. We assure you that we have enough resources, professionalism, and love for the Virtus.рro tag to tackle this task. Your support during this challenging period will give us the strength to achieve our goals.