Updated Virtus.pro roster in PUBG MOBILE

Today we are announcing a new Virtus.pro PUBG MOBILE roster. The Bears roster includes: Alexey "Purp1e" Asanov, Bogdan "MONEYKEN" Boyko, Monlam "OFHAZE" Tsydypov, Nelik "Folly" Prodan and Maxim "SINGLE" Starovetsky.  

Comment from Virtus.pro:   

“The players in our new roster complement each other very well. MONEYKEN is the MVP of PMPL WEU FALL 2022. OFHAZE and Folly are very smart players who have already shown what they are capable of. Purp1e is one of the most experienced captains in the CIS, he has played on the tier-1 scene and secured several high places in big tournaments. And SINGLE is a young prodigy that the club has high hopes for.”  

On behalf of the club, we also want to thank our previous PUBG MOBILE roster for the journey we've shared together. We wish the guys further success in their careers!  

Virtus.pro PUBG MOBILE roster:  

Alexey "Purp1e" Asanov; 

Bogdan "MONEYKEN" Boyko; 

Monlam "OFHAZE" Tsydypov; 

Nelik "Folly" Prodan; 

Maxim "SINGLE" Starovetsky;  


Cristian-Roman “Kompot_trash” Corbu (coach). 

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