VP.Prodigy Dota 2 update

VP.Prodigy Dota 2 roster is temporarily benched. Maksim “forcemajor” Meretskii, Vladislav “dSa” Shuvaev, Ilyas “Сelebrity” Gainullin and team coach Danii “Schelk” Shelkunov are leaving the club. Albert “alberkaaa” Chernoivanov is joining the remaining players. The further plans for the roster are due to be revealed before the start of the next DPC season.

Sergey Glamazda, Virtus.pro CEO:

“With the postponement of The International we faced uncertainty about the start of the next DPC season. We decided to temporarily bench the VP.Prodigy Dota 2 team and focus on individual development of the players that have already shown good progress — Noticed and Larl.

We also welcome a young prodigy Albert “alberkaaa” Chernoivanov, whose future we consider to be very bright. We have been following his progress for quite some time with the players from our first roster, and there is no doubt he will shine on the pro scene.

I also want to sincerely thank the players and the coach that are leaving our squad for their contribution to VP.Prodigy. We wish them best of luck in their future careers.”

Updated VP.Prodigy Dota 2 roster:

Albert “alberkaaa” Chernoivanov — carry;

Denis “Larl” Sigitov — mid;

Evgeniy “Noticed” Ignatenko — offlane.