New player in PUBG MOBILE

Andrey “WAIIT” Zaycev becomes our fifth player for the PUBG MOBILE roster. Before joining VP Andrey has played for Qodex with which he reached top-4 in several noticeable tournaments, such as PMPL CIS Season 1 and PMNC Russia 2020. He has also been awarded with the MVP trophy in PMNC Russia 2020.

Andrey “WAIIT” Zaycev, PUBG MOBILE roster player:

“I’ve been looking for teammates whose goals and interests would resonate with my own. The guys from VP are very experienced when it comes to performing at the highest level, but they are still hungry for success. It didn’t take me long to agree on their offer and join the team.”

Yan “YASHA” Shaban, PUBG MOBILE roster captain:

“It was important for us to find someone with good game knowledge and who would fit our squad. Our training sessions showed that we are comfortable playing with Andrey and that he has what it takes to be in our team. Welcome to!”

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