New jerseys for TI10 is releasing a limited jersey collection in a unique design for the 10th anniversary International. Our players will be wearing the new jerseys during TI10. Also, we will run online contests and giveaways of our new jerseys via club’s and partners’ social media channels as well as in the fan app Bearloga. 

Sergey Glamazda, CEO: 

“Developing a jersey designed specifically for TI is a tradition for a lot of clubs. Our TI9 jersey brought us a lot of positive feedback and the demand for it is still there. We believe that the design of the jersey should be related to the culture and traditions of the country where TI is held. That is why we went with the elements connected to the mythology of Romania”. 

Limited number of jerseys will be released prior to TI. You can find out more information about the design of the jersey, inspiration for certain elements and the ways to obtain it through our social media.