New jersey 2022: attention to style and details

Moderation, will to win and fortitude is what we tried to reflect in our new jersey. Saturated black background is highlighting the bright orange elements that have been a part of VP branding for years. The key feature of the jersey is a signature bear claw mark, which is also used in the club’s social media channels branding.  

We also added a few more things in our recognizable colors: branded ribbon and a collar, to make this jersey even more memorable.  

This will be our new main jersey for all VP rosters. It will also be inherited by the young Bears from VP.Prodigy with one slight change: orange will be replaced with red, as it’s our academy team’s main color.  

We can’t wait to see our players perform on the big stage in their new jerseys.  

The start of sales will be announced separately. First batch is already in production!