Leaving Leipzig

“DreamHack Leipzig’s CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments were important for the players, the club, and me, personally. We needed to understand whether the mechanisms helping our teams to win are functional. I am talking about passion for competition, in-game focus, confident teamplay, and strength to withstand the pressure of responsibility.

Each day in Leipzig, the unforgiving sledgehammer of reality struck a new blow on us. It is no longer enough to simply gather talents at one bootcamp and hope for the best – we need more. In this situation, searching for excuses would be wrong. Perhaps, you can always do that in attempts to relieve the pain of defeat, but we will not. We will work on our mistakes and adapt, talk strictly where we need to, and support each other where it is the only way. And this will continue until we claim victory, and then prove that it was not a mere fluke.

My deepest gratitude to those who have been supporting us in these hard times, and to those who were critical of us. Better when there is passion than just silence.

I often hear about “The Golden Five” and the good old days. The days of The Golden Five will never return – the legendary title has earned the right to remain in the hall of esports glory forever. We will have “The Diamond Five”, “The Platinum Five”, or any other “Five” that will bring us new triumphs. It is no longer faith, but assurance.

Thank you for staying with us.”

Sergey Glamazda, Virtus.pro General Manager