kuben: «Winning such events should have come smoother for us»

Our coach shared his thoughts on the recent PLE victory.

«From my perspective, winning the event isn’t something big but, of course, there are some aspects that satisfy me. It was a tournament we should’ve won every time we participated. I’m very happy that my players have finally achieved something. The effort, the work we put into practice finally brings success. I’m happy that we have a team in which players fit with each other, and the teamplay is getting better and better. I think we have the best players in the country, and winning such events should’ve come smoother for us. The style in which we won the tournament maybe wasn’t beautiful, but we need to take into account that we’ve come here after only two days of practice. There’s still a lot of room to grow, but my players keep telling me that they have learned a lot of new things thanks to me. This isn’t easy, because in their previous teams, they have played strictly what they discussed, and here we play more spontaneously, we learn to communicate better and read the game, to control our emotions and make better decisions during the game. You need to put all of your energy in every single round, doesn’t matter if it’s an ECO or full buy, we need to win the round.

I also wanted to say big thanks to phr. After that rough period of time in AGO, he has changed his attitude to the game. He came to our team for the test, and he brought with him  the needed motivation and spirit. He seems like the right piece of a puzzle.

To summarize, I’m very happy with how the guys played in this tournament, everyone was on point and we played as a team. I really appreciate it».