Kuben: «By the end of the year we strive to be at least in the top-15»

Our CS:GO coach answered some of the fans' questions. Here are the highlights of his Q&A session.

Q: When will VP play their next match in CS?

A: We play today in the Dreamhack Malmo open qualifier!

Q: What do you think are phr's strongest characteristics?

A: Calmness, maturity, good communication in the game and in life.

Q: Come up with something against these Astralis.

A: Let us play in ECS against them!

Q: Do you think you can return to the top by the end of the year?

A: By the end of the year we strive to be at least in the top 15.

Q: Who do you think is currently in the best shape of the VP players?

A: Snax stands out after bootcamp.

Q: Do you miss playing professionally and could you come back and play at a high level?

A: I did not take this into account from the very beginning of my career as a coach, and after such a long break I could not compare with the skill of young players.

Q: Is there a coach in CS who inspires you?

A: I try to draw a little from everyone.

Q: How was your bootcamp with the guys and how is their current form? Do you have a chance to win at V4?

A: At the end of the bootcamp, we decided together that we just needed a bootcamp like that, and we took a lot from it.

Top 4 is the minimum, I personally think we can go all the way to the finals!

Q: What separates you, what is the difference between Virtus.pro and the top 10 in the world? What are you missing?

A: Participation in large LAN competitions. Playing open / closed qualifiers in the bo1 system is not easy, especially if there's only one spot on the line.

Q: What is the hardest part of being a CS coach?

A: The most difficult thing is the ability to talk differently with each player. It becomes easier after you get to know their temperaments.

Q: Do you think that it will be difficult at V4, taking into account that, for example, mibr and Nip are not in shape?

A: Both teams have a lot to prove. I doubt that they will ignore preparations for this tournament.

Q: Have you ever wanted the Golden Five to play together again or to play one last match?

A: I do not know how playable CS 1.6 is, but the idea seems feasible.

Q: Do you still live in Torun?

A: Yes, I live with my family and we are not planning to move.

Q: How do you deal with hate? Does it get to you or you just ignore it?

A: There are difficult moments, but I have a woman who supports me, as well as a team psychologist for several months.

Q: As a coach, do you have a say in decisions to change roster? Or does management decide it?

A: Of course I decide.

Q: What is the difference in communication comparing the old VP to the new?

A: In the old squad, it was better, mainly because of the amount of time spent together on the server.

Q: do you spend a lot of time together in Teamspeak after matches, talking offline?

A: We dedicate only one day a week to the game itself. 4 out of 5 days we discuss the strategy before and after training, I make a summary of the day.

Q: What is your best memory from 1.6?

A: Hmm ... It's hard to name just one, but because of the passage of time, I remember winning the IEM in 2012, because the victory at the WCG 2006 was 13 years ago! And after that, there are just flashbacks.