PashaBiceps' knife kill and byali's clutch: VP vs Gambit highlights

A whole evening worth of highlights!

In the second round of EPICENTER 2017's group stage our guys challenged the reigning Major champions – Gambit Esports.

The battle to determine the strongest was drawn out to three maps. G2A players fought like real bears!

pashaBiceps' Inferno 3K

pashaBiceps put an end to the enemy A rush with three precise shots with his defensive AWP. Bonus points for a no-scope.

byali clutches 1 v 3

Inferno's last round left byali in a 1 v 3 situation. Paweł single-handedly cleared the B site and defended the planted bomb.

NEO ends Gambit win streak

NEO played a crucial role in one of the rounds on Train. Filip scored three AWP kills while defending a closed plant in the round number 9, stopping the VP's round bleed (VP were down 1:7). As a result, the Polish managed to close out the half 7:8.

Four kills and a knife from pashaBiceps

pashaBiceps' 4K was vital to's economy on train – even more so thanks to the bonus money award from the knife kill. Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski showed incredible patience and control in addition to his AWP skills while chasing down Abay "HObbit" Khasenov.

The winning round on Cache

A site entry preceded by Byali's and pashaBiceps' opening frags sealed the match for VP. Long and calculated entry was a neat mind game from the Polish side – its resemblance to a fake bought them enough time to close out the round. defeat Gambit and continue their run in EPICENTER

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