Changes in VP.Prodigy CS:GO roster

 VP.Prodigy CS:GO captain Alexey “RuFire” Burakov is leaving the active roster, but remains a part of the club’s structure. 

Mikhail Artemyev, Esports Development Manager:  

“Alexey has everything it takes to be a great scout, coach, and captain. Though competing on the highest level requires a lot of time consuming individual practice. He has already helped us to make serious progress with our squad, and in order to keep improving we have to change things up.  

Stepping back from the role of the player will allow RuFire to focus on his strengths. That is why we came to mutual agreement to rethink our cooperation and find another way to utilize his talents. We are sure that eventually everyone will benefit from this decision.”  

Alexey “RuFire” Burakov:  

“Our strides with the team are undeniable. Today doesn’t mark the end of my time with nor as a professional player, there are some joint projects ahead of us. My passion for the game is stronger than ever and this is definitely not a goodbye to VP fans.” 

We will announce our fifth player shortly.      

Current VP.Prodigy roster:  

Armen “cheerful” Eskuzyan;  

Eugene “r3salt” Frolov;  

Ivan “lom1k” Ovsyanik;  

Evgeny “delus1onn” Plottsov;  

Vladislav “Flash_1” Bykov (coach)