Changes in Warface roster

Ivan “Кемпиль” Alyokhin joins Warface roster. He is going to replace Anton “Монтон” Kazakov, who is now leaving the club. We are grateful to Anton for his noticeable performance on our first ever LAN in this discipline and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Ali “Трейз” Tagiev, Warface roster captain:  

“Монтон is a great teammate and player. He did really well on our last LAN together, especially considering that he had to play the engineer role, which he wasn't really familiar with. Unfortunately, we have different ideas on further development of our roster, therefore we had to part ways with him. I can speak for the whole team and say how grateful we are for his amazing performances. I can only wish him luck in his career. Speaking of our new teammate: Vanya is a highly skilled player with experience of playing at the biggest events. I’m sure that his engineer performance will elevate us to another level.”  

Кемпиль is going to take over the engineer role, the one he’s secured several top-3 finishes on. His most noticeable results are top-2 at WARFEST (K.I.W.I. tournament) and victory at Open Cup XV.  

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Updated Warface roster:   

Ali “Трейз” Tagiev (captain);    

Ivan “Кемпиль” Alyokhin; 

Vadim “Ферева” Rulev;    

Artur “ПлюшевоеМясо” Jabinec;    

Nikita “Хокардик” Lazarenko;         

Boris “мистер.мерседес” Hrapov (coach).