illias joins VP.Prodigy

Illias «illias» Ganeev becomes the 5th player of VP.Prodigy and will play position 5 on the roster. The other team members covered half the cost of the player's transfer from NAVI.

Sergey Glamazda, CEO of

“Illias is a strong player with high growth potential. The rest of the VP.Prodigy guys are so confident in him that they offered to pay half of the transfer cost. As club management, we share their confidence and are glad that we managed to assemble an optimal roster that will fight for victories and delight all of us with their play.”

Illias «illias» Ganeev:

“I’ve known guys for a long time, played with them in pubs, watched them play in tournaments, so I’d like to say that, first of all, I join the team of professionals. Each of them has a deep understanding of Dota 2 in general and their role in particular. Moreover, I get along with guys well. Keep cheering for us and we’ll definitely show what we are capable of.”

Updated VP.Prodigy roster:

Egor «epileptick1d» Grigorenko

Danil «gpk» Skutin

Dmitry «DM» Dorokhin

Vitaly «Save-» Melnik (captain)

Illias «illias» Ganeev

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