"I think this is the best game in Dota 2 history". World going crazy over Virtus.pro vs Team Liquid match

Opening game in Virtus.pro vs Team Liquid match lasted 100 minutes and 18 seconds, and became, perhaps, one of the most memorable games of The International 2017.

In football, the referee would have added 3 minutes of time on 80 minutes mark. But since this is DOTA, action lasted much longer.

Unfortunately, Virtus.pro didn't manage to win that map, despite victory being an inch away. “So close”, - wrote Elena “meg” Urusova. There is no dispute.

Vitaliy “v1lat” Volochai's reaction to this breathtaking match. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner.

Former Virtus.pro player Ilya “Illidan” Pivzaev expressed regret about missing the live event. These feelings are quite understandable.

Moments like these make you regret not coming to “Ki-arena”. It was the most epic map in the whole history of TI. We'll see if the series live up to that title as well.

Indeed. Weaklings that went to sleep are going to regret it. Deeply.

Seriously, this was one of the best matches in the history of Dota.

Those who missed it are going to be so envious.

Wow, just wow.

This level of play really makes you forget the date.

Is this grandfinal already? #TI7

Turns out it was the longest match in the history of all main-events of all Valve tournaments.

VP vs Liquid game 1 – the longest game in the history of all main-events of all Valve tournaments.

One of the streamers did not hesitate to call this map the best in the history of DOTA2. After all, why not?