How did Lil and RAMZES enter nightclubs in the USA? Two lifehacks host Maria Yermolina shares some insight on how players get over losses, who is the biggest gym enthusiast and who to bring to a deserted island with you.

Lil, RAMZES and clubs

We've had a problem during the Boston Major – Roma wasn't 18, and Ilya wasn't 21 yet. Due to that, they couldn't enter the karaoke-club. I figured something out, though: I claimed that Ilya is my boyfriend, took his hand and demanded that we go in. Roma ended up entering via a fake ID. That's how we all ended up inside the club.

Right now, obviously, RAMZES goes to all the parties with the boys – without any restrictions. And before he was 18, we simply didn't visit places with age restrictions. We hung out in hotel's lobby, practice room or one of the guys' rooms – and didn't miss out on anything.

Team's post-loss morale

Nobody ever wanted to leave the team. Sometimes when boys lose serious matches, some of them may try to tilt or get depressed – but we don't let them! That's the family effect in action – we grab them and go out somewhere together.

The fittest player

Ilya does sports the most: almost not a single day without physical training, be it during tournaments or bootcamps. I talked to him about it once – he said that physical activity helps him concentrate and “get into the zone.”


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Which VP player to bring to a deserted island with you?

I'd choose Alexei Berezin, because he's the most mature and a natural leader. Getting lost with him is not a big deal – he's quick to find a solution or a way out. Lesha is no stranger to responsibility – he's used to it. Also, he's not afraid of a physical labour either: recently we decorated a platform for my wedding together – he did decorations, drilled some stuff and worked with the hammer.