Gillette and Solo declare partnership

The captain of a Russian esports club in Dota 2 discipline Alexey “Solo” Berezin has become the face of Gillette's new ad campaign. One of the world's most experienced and renowned esports players clearly demonstrates that “it matters what you're made of!”.

A new commercial has been launched as a part of a new campaign aimed to support a new series of Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razors with FlexBall technology. One of the most recognizable esports athletes in the world – Alexey “Solo” Berezin – has become the hero of the ad. The commercial's main idea is that compromises are unacceptable if a goal is clearly set – including your appearance, as well. Only the cutting-edge technology can help you show what you're really made of – such as the one provided by Gillette, the leading brand of safety razors and general self-care.

Alexey “Solo” Berezin: “Every man dreams of becoming the face of such an iconic brand as Gillette. I have succeeded only thanks to the trust from the company's side. Life has tested my limits many times, and I know from experience that this battle has nothing to be trifled with, including the way one looks”.

Gillette Russia Representative: “The partnership with Solo is the most exciting and crucial event for Gillette in Russia. We want to emphasize the highs and lows, temporary obstacles and life lessons in every men's life with our ad campaign featuring Solo. You can not become the best overnight. As everyone knows, perfection may only be achieved by getting better every single day. Gillette knows that well, too. This is why we have been creating and perfecting our razors for over a century, so that everyone can have access to the flawless shaving process. Because it matters what you're made of”.

Upon achieving the pinnacle, you're faced with enormous pressure. In these moments, all that matters is what you're truly made of. Gillette helps you feel confident, allowing you to keep even the most stressful situations under your control. For more than 100 years, the world's leading brand of safety razors and general self-care – Gillette – stood in one line with the world's greatest and most adored athletes and sports leagues. Many great sport-personas used to be the brand ambassadors in the past: the gold medalist of Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics Neymar Júnior, five-time holder of “FIFA Ballon d'Or” Lionel Messi, three-time Ice Hockey World Championship champion Alexander Ovechkin, twenty-time ATP World Tour 500 series champion Roger Federer, fourteen-time champion of Major series championships Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods.

Gillette explores the territories of the most rapidly growing sport – esports – in the new advertising campaign. Today's esports athletes match the most adored footballers, hockey and tennis players in popularity.

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