Filter game for Instagram

We’re launching a new Instagram filter game with our mascot, Boris, as the protagonist. Traverse 5 difficulty levels and claim the Cup using an upgraded mask with built-in interactive controls!

The game features mimics-based interactive controls. Boris has to avoid obstacles while moving forward: open your mouth to make Boris jump over or destroy the obstacle. The difficulty levels change Boris’ speed. Collect bonuses such as slow-motion, additional life or easier difficulty by completing the levels.

The game features 5 difficulty levels in total - 5 cities that have or will have hosted major Dota 2 series. Every level has to be completed under a timer:

  1. Moscow – 10 seconds
  2. Shanghai – 9 seconds 
  3. Paris – 7,5 seconds
  4. Kuala-Lumpur – 6 seconds
  5. Stockholm – 4 seconds

Click on the filter in stories or use the direct link to launch the game!