"We rented quads, because they are bringing more flexibility with moving around island". Kuben and TaZ – about ESG Tour Mykonos 2017

Among games we were able to talk with kuben and Taz about tournament in Greece, changes in the scene and team preparation for next events.

In Malmo after only two games you dropped off from the tournament, and here you were fighting in semi-finals. What has changed in such short period?

Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński: I think that not too many things have changed in our game. In both tournaments, we played in BO1 system in which even small mistakes has a huge influence on final score.

Is there any factor that viewers don't understand or have no idea about that has a big impact on your game?

Many people don't understand that there is big number of external factors that have an impact on our game. We are even not aware of half of them! Spectators can only see official games and things prepared to find in social media, but there is much more.

I think that this tournament is unique due to the place that we are playing in. We are not paying attention only to the game itself, but we also spent a lot of time together, traveling on quads around island, sightseeing and visiting beautiful places. Building team spirit is always needed.

Do you consider meking some adjustments or changes in way you practice, or rather you will rely on old methods?

The point is that during home pcw scores were much more better from those that we showed on last lans. We felt that we are ready for fight even in the Malmo tournament. Fate wanted that our heads and hands didn't work how they supposed to, so we packed our luggage after first day of event.

There were many changes in the scene lately. Were there any surprises? Which team gained advantage, which lost on transfers?

I really like last changes on the scene. Many people say that Virtus.pro adapt with level to our opponents. No matter if we play against tier3 or tier1 we can play on equal level and lead score to draw. Thanks to that we deliver lot of emotions to our fans. At the beggining, new teams improvise a lot, and we are those who adjust game style very fast. I am happy that there are more and more international teams. Gathering best players from different countries improve level on the scene even more.

If I have to choose one who in my opinion has the biggest potential I would pick Mouz and Faze.

ESG Tour Mykonos is the first one from series. How do you rate organisation and place?

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: I must admit that as the first event ever ESG is doing great job. Usually in tournaments like that there are many pc or screens problems, but ESG don't have too many fails like that. Everything is well planned. They are trying really hard so every player has everything what is needed, they are listening to opinions and it's hard to find negative thing. Place is really great, it is a bid diversion among our graphic. Even we are on tournament we can feel like on holidays for a while. This is awesome leap away from dailiness and to be honest, great relax.

In social media, we saw lot of quad trips. Do you race, explore the island or simply you feel the wind in your hair?

Our villa is settled in place where is hard to drive in, so having quads is giving a lot of fun. We rented them, because they are bringing more flexibility with moving around Mykonos. Team tours and stepping away from daily pressure is one of the best attractions possible. I am pretty sure that for each of us, this tournament will commit to a memory for a long time. 

Lot of tournaments are waiting in early future – ESL New York, Atlanta, Epicenter... How do you find time in such a short period for improving your game and drawing conclusions?

In past weeks, we made a lot of changes and variations, but we also trained a lot. Therefore, I feel that we are in not such a bad place and on good path. Some things will have to be changed, some will stay as they are. We are the team which don't need so much time to extremely change game style. ESG Tour is a good start point, we have a lot time to talk, rest and talk about our game in pleasant atmosphere.

Kuben was also asked about changes in the scene. Were there any surprises for you?

Looking back and analysing I think who won the most thanks to changes is mous and FaZe. Both teams strengthened their forces and it seems like players are cooperating really well. The biggest punch was taken by Fnatic with Olof and Dennis releases, but of course time will show, maybe fresh blood is what they needed.

Author: Asia Marks