What Virtus.pro were up to while you were waiting for The International 2018

Dota 2

In the absence of tournaments, our team has been working hard to prepare to The International 2018: the bootcamp had been held in Moscow for the first two weeks, and now two more are underway in Vancouver. This way of preparation contrasts sharply with the previous TI's: back then, the team held a bootcamp in the city of Novogorsk while simulating the American timezone.

While answering the question about the superiority of any of the methods, No[o]ne remarked that it is too early to judge yet, and it is only possible to compare the outcomes. In the same interview, Vladimir Minenko shared his experiences from his vacation, talked about the scare-factor of bungee-jumping in Sochi, and his first ever football match.

Virtus.pro general manager Roman Dvoryankin commented on the bootcamp, saying that the players will not be strictly limited, as opposed to the practice of some Chinese teams.

"Naturally, the players will have days off, and they'll be free to spend them in the most comfortable for them way – there's no need for overcommitment here. Banning social media and reading Prodota is not something that is on our list. Furthermore, our relations with the players regarding setting practice schedules are built on a partnership basis.

Traditionally, the guys play individually in the morning, while the scrims in particular start approximately at 5 PM and end at 11 PM. On par with the Chinese teams, albeit slightly less." - Dvoryankin expanded on the topic in his interview with Cybersports.ru."

How will Virtus.pro prepare to the TI8? Answers Roman Dvoryankin

Ivan “ArtStyle” Antonov shared a lot of details about his career and his story of becoming Virtus.pro's coach.

"As we lost the Boston Major qualifiers, I had nothing to do – I just sat around watching Dota. I don't really play that much, but I watch every single game if I can. In the Boston Major, my attention fell on Virtus.pro. The guys lost a match due to a surprising blunder, so I contacted them to reassure them a little. I didn't even have a single thought about joining them at that point.

In two or three weeks, either Ramzes, Pasha, or Roman Dvoryankin reached out to me, saying that they've made a collective decision about wishing to try me out on a coaching position. So I went to meet the guys in Krasnodar. I really liked the team – at one moment I really wanted Ramzes to play for us – for Na'Vi, I mean. I have played together with Solo in a couple of teams in the past, and I have always enjoyed having him as a teammate.

I was extremely surprised with the way I was welcomed. Like to a family – extremely nicely and heartwarming".

RAMZES666 became the hero of Cybersport.ru's traditional section and analyzed Supermajor's games.

”I was way too tanky, so they wasted all their spells on me, and we just slaughtered them”- Ramzes analyzes Supermajor's matches

And also shared some insider info. For example, about his motives for dying his hair.

We have also counted the unique heroes used by Virtus.pro throughout the season – whopping 94! Learn more about changes in Virtus.pro's hero pool from Hamburg to The International – in our material.


From Ogre Magi to Pangolier. The way Virtus.pro's hero pool evolved


Kuba "KubiK" Kubiak, who has lead the team's preparation to IEM Shanghai 2018 and ensured that our team shows brilliant Counter-Strike, joined our CS:GO roster in July. Even though our guys have claimed only the 3-4th place, everyone has noticed the massive development. Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński is full of optimism: "I expected us to reach the finals, and even win the whole thing. Didn't work out a bit, but I'm still satisfied with the result. I think everyone can see the progress we've made. After snatchie addition to the team, we're expecting even more!".

Yes-yes-yes! Virtus.pro is now represented by one of the most promising rising stars of Poland – Michal "snatchie" Rudzki, who is masterful with an AWP and who has trained together with the legends. You can see snatchie's potential for yourself by clicking the link below. Five unreal highlights that are simply meant to be rewatched.

Take a look at snatchie's AWP skills!


Virtus.pro acquired a Fortnite roster in July. 19-yo Artur "7sssk7" Kyourshin and 17-yo Jamal "Jamside" Saydaev became the pioneers of the discipline by signing the contracts that will last till the end of 2019.

The duo of Artur and Jamal instantly went on to claim the first title for Virtus.pro. The guys have claimed victory in Shotgun Masters series and once again proved that they're worthy of a title of one of the strongest duos in CIS.

Following that, Artur "7ssk7" Kyourshin successfully finished Summer Skirmish Series, winning $32 000. If you aren't yet inspired enough by their accomplishments, we have also prepared 7 convincing reasons to immediately change your ways!

7 reasons to start playing Fortnite right now!


Roman Dvoryankin explained to Cybersport.com why Virtus.pro has acquired Artifact roster long before the game's official launch. Spoilers: the new game from Valve already has more chances than PUBG to become a popular esports discipline.

Harleen recalled the beginnings of her gaming career, why she signed the contract with Virtus.pro and her expectations from Artifact.

"The most important thing is to minimize randomness' impact”. Harleen on her expectations from Artifact