Dota 2 coach boolk leaves ceases cooperation with Anatoly “boolk” Ivanov. The decision was made due to the Dota 2 team’s unsatisfactory results. sports department:  

“When boolk joined us back in August of the last year, we had high expectations. 5-6th place at The International 2021 wasn’t a failure by any means, but the team's results have been declining and disappointing ever since.  

A coach has a wide range of responsibilities, including new players integration, building training routine, as well as in-game drafting. Even considering tough circumstances after TI, there weren’t many noticeable highlights in those particular lines of work. Lack of prospects for improvements led us to decision to part ways with boolk.”  

We are thankful to Anatoly for his work and wish him to keep improving. The Dota 2 team coach position is vacant as of now, the selection process is up and running.